Sarah Parry-Okeden, Director
Property and Interior Designer

Always artistic, it is no surprise that Sarah ended up in the world of interiors. Starting out as a graphic designer, then inadvertently ending up in fashion, Sarah left Sydney for the US where she went on to further her creative passion, studying photography. It wasn’t until she began her own renovation that her true passion was unearthed.

Drawing upon years of travel, life experience and exposure to beautiful homes, Sarah’s eclectic style emerged.

Fast forward a decade, with a collection of house transformations to her name, Sarah and her family moved back home, and the Wild Orchid Spaces brand was born – a portfolio of high-end, resort-style homes that make you feel like you’re permanently on holidays.

Sarah’s houses are directional but with an entrancing unpredictability. The landscapes are always an integral element of her designs, creating a seamless synergy between the outside and in. She works intuitively, her designs are confident and luxurious. “You’ll always see layers of texture in my houses and there are no rules – I choose what I love and what makes my soul sing.” And the result? An inimitable aesthetic that’s sophisticated, playful and completely immersive.